I make unique hand crafted:

  • Stone Carvings
  • House Names & Numbers
  • Business Signs & Logos
  • Special Dates
  • Loved Ones Names
  • Phrases, Poems & Sayings
  • Benches (that can be personalized)
  • Planters (that can be personalized)
  • Wine racks (that can be personalized)

Anything is possible and can be done in wide range of stone types, sizes, styles and fonts which can then also be painted in any colour or left natural and unpainted. All of my carvings are hand crafted with hammer & chisel, with the occasional use of power tools for the bigger pieces. 

Your carving could be done on a plaque and mounted on to a wall or carved on a deeper piece of stone and built in to an existing or new wall or building by us.

Or have it on a larger piece of stone as a unique free standing feature in your garden or home.

If the stone is already institute like a door lintel or large free standing piece, I can come out and carve it in place.

If you have an idea for a carving of any type I’m more than happy to discuss and help develop it with you to create something personal that will last a life time.

It makes a fantastic, different and unique present for someone special, perfect for any occasion.